Faster daily notes and data collection for occupational, physical, and speech therapist without the unnecessary features.  Caseloads and documentation are increasing but time remains the same.  Documentation, although necessary, takes away from the time you can be focusing on your priorities which can lead to burnout, strained relationships, and stress related health issues.

Spednote is a time saving software that combines the facts that documentation programs can be redundant, overwhelming, and visually stimulating, and that students do not make progress in every treatment session.   Spednote simplified the process by making everything very clear, accessible, and automatizing the note process to limit time spent on documentation.

Try it for a month for free!

Spednote’s software will write your daily note until the student’s progress has changed (i.e. student absent/unavailable, therapist absent/unavailable, student makes progress towards or regresses
from their goal, etc.)
without the therapist even logging in by automatically carrying over the previous note. Spednote allows the therapist to spend more time helping students and less time writing daily notes.

  • One click access to goals from the calendar
  • View goals and change progress
  • “No service” clears all progress for that day
  • Click on name to access student profile
  • Automatically carries note to the following days until changed by therapist
  • Easy to read color coded schedule
  • Schedule “makeup” appointments with a click of a button
  • Move appointments with a click of a button
  • Cancel a whole day or week of services with a click of a button
  • Print monthly attendance in an editable Word doc
  • Optional visual graph for goal progress
  • Track daily notes
  • Print or download progress reports to a Word Doc

FREE for a month! Only $4.99 per month after that.

Save time so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

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