Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spednote? 

Spednote is an online software that was developed by an occupational therapists with 18 years of experience within the school setting.  The program allows users to develop their schedules and access their daily notes quickly and efficiently.  Spednote automates the redundancies of daily note taking,

Why do I need Spednote?  How is it different than other online programs?

The amount of students qualifying for special education services continue to increase, which means so does the paperwork.  Time has been the only constant and will never change.  The average caseload of an occupational therapist is about 35.  Every time a student is seen the therapist is required to document their attendance and progress towards their goal.  This process can take an average of 3-5 minutes per student. 

There are a lot of daily note documentation softwares, templates, and programs.  What sets Spednote apart from the rest is that it will automatically complete the redundant parts of note taking.  Not all students make progress every session.  Some students take months to make progress.  When there is no change in progress or status towards a student’s goal, Spednote will automatically write that note without the therapist even accessing the program.  No other program does this.

What is Spednote’s mission?

Our mission is to help therapists and special education providers to get out of the low value work so they can spend more time in the higher value work. 

Do you collect data from the notes stored online?
As of right now, no. In the future we would like to collect data (without personally identifiable information) to improve, implement, or modify Spednote improve the online program.

What about student privacy?

We use three layers of data encryption to protect the data placed within our system. We use the most advanced security service to protect our website from intrusions and hacker attacks.


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